Experienced And Ready To Work For You.

McGill Legal is a boutique civil litigation firm with offices in Miami Dade and Broward County. McGill Legal; was established in 2005, with the sole purpose of providing relationship-based, innovative and cost-effective legal representation.

Practice Areas

Our firm has experience in several areas of law that, over the years, has given us a wide variety of knowledge.

Labor & Employment Law

Whether you are facing discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, whistleblower, or another adverse employment action, our attorneys are here to stand up for your rights.

Wrongful Termination

Florida is an at-will employment state. At-will employment means the employer or employee may end the employment relationship at any time.

Business and Contract Law

Our firm is proactive and detailed in its negotiations and drafting of contractual agreements on behalf of clients, to avoid future litigation.

Entertainment Law

McGill Legal has extensive experience representing music artists, writers, managers, producers and labels. Our team will protect your interests and make sure you receive everything that you are entitled to.

Intellectual Property

McGill Legal has experience in protecting our client’s creative intellectual property rights.

We Want To Be On Your Team.

We believe in approaching each case with a ‘team’ mentality. What does this mean? When it comes to analyzing your case, our firm meets as a team to develop a plan that will best suit your needs. Each attorney brings a unique perspective in the analysis which we believe allows us to see your case from different viewpoints. The result is a well-rounded problem-solving approach that prepares us to fight for you in court.

Years of Experience

Find out how the McGill Law Firm can help you assist in your legal matters.